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When we first arrived at Ithaca Manor in September 2003, we built a paddock fence, and run-in sheds and gathered up Achilles (a thoroughbred cross) and by spring 2004 our mare, Foulis Alicia, dropped her colt, Bold Bucephalus, who could trace his line back to Secretariat.

In September 2005, we added Holly's Athena, and bred her to a tobiano paint stallion, named Handsome, at Smallwood Farm near Charlottesville, VA and on tax day, April 15, 2008, we had a tobiano paint filly Alex named Dancing Calypso that became her responsibility.  We also had Diana's Hera, a filly, born on April 6, 2005. 

It's 2014 and we still have a few horses to maintain and hack when the weather and ground allow.  We also have turkeys, roosters, chickens, goats, sheep, a steer, miniature bulls, and Chloris and Hermes, our pigs; we think Chloris is pregnant.

We love small animals too. Argus was our curious beagle, but he's not with us any more. Patroclus is our Maine Coon cat. Homer and Kunos are our jack russells, and we have two more, Whitey and Tiny, from two breedings out of Kunos.  We have also had ferrets, gerbils, two parakeets and a dove.


Hacking Achilles!


Our Baby Goats and a lamb, with Holly.


Bucephalus - building up his strength.


Holly and gang; like potato chips, one is not enough.


I am Patroclus, a Maine Coon cat, and I rule!

Chloris, Hermes with Homer

You took my hen! How could you?